Video Marketing

Big and small enterprises run effective campaigns with online video marketing. It is no longer considered an experimental marketing and advertising method. Short YouTube videos offer different advantages in comparison to television ads. The most important advantage is that online videos make it easy for the viewer to take action. They are just a click away from learning more about your products and services. They also collect more data than television ads. The data that is collected lets you know if the ideal target market is being reached.

I have created many promotional videos as the multimedia designer for Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and Cassidy Turley. I prefer to use Adobe Premiere Pro for editing both the audio and video. But, before Premiere was available to me I used iMovie and Garage Band. Feel free to take a look at some of the examples below. Also make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Reduced Shakespeare Company 01 (Playhouse)

Reduced Shakespeare Company 03 (Playhouse)

Reduced Shakespeare Company 05 (Playhouse)

Tech Town III (Cassidy Turley)

Joan the Girl of Arc (Playhouse)

Reduced Shakespeare Company 02 (Playhouse)

Reduced Shakespeare Company 04 (Playhouse)

Interview With Martín Zimmerman (Playhouse)

Atrium One (Cassidy Turley)