What is a Found Object Sculpture?

A found object sculpture indicates the use of an object, which has not been designed for an artistic purpose, to create a three dimensional work of art. Found objects may exist either as utilitarian, manufactured items, or things which occur in nature. In both cases the objects are discovered by the artist or musician to be capable of being employed in an artistic way. They are designated as “found” to distinguish them from purposely created items used in the art forms.

My Found Object Sculptures

I enjoy creating found object sculptures. It is like turning trash into treasure. There is no better feeling than turning discarded material into a work of art. I also enjoy turning nature into art. I use sticks, rocks and other non living things. The natural sculptures are assembled where people would least expect them. “Cooperation of Gravity” was created where two trails meet in the Cranberry Wilderness.

The Fire Inside 03 275x281 Sculpture

“The Fire Inside”

Stuck 04 275x281 Sculpture


Cooperation Of Gravity 04 275x281 Sculpture

“Cooperation Of Gravity”

In Memory Of Lindsay 05 275x281 Sculpture

“In Memory Of Lindsay”

The Playground 03 275x281 Sculpture

“The Playground”

Childs Play 03 275x281 Sculpture

“Child’s Play”

The Cave 3 275x281 Sculpture

“The Cave” (Mock-Up)