Thank you for taking the time to look through my portfolio. I have been a graphic designer and an artist for years. My design experience is diverse and ranges from postcards to iPhone apps. I have designed for non profits (Anthony Munoz Foundation), business services (Cassidy Turley) and commercial goods (Dynamat). I also enjoy doing freelance work on the side.

In my free time, I love to paint and sculpt. I have done paintings for friends and family in my own unique style. I like to paint single objects in a graphic and minimalistic way using bright colored acrylics and Sharpie marker to create contrast and texture. Take a look at the examples below. I am available for commissioned work if you are interested. Visit my contact page and fill out the form to get a hold of me.

Graphic Design Portfolio

2013 VanHalentine Rendering Web 210x210 Portfolio
Roasted Curry Bottle Rendering Web 287x300 210x210 Portfolio
2009 Colliers Cincinnati Ad 1 Web 275x281 210x210 Portfolio
AZ Emblem 210x210 Portfolio
Logo Design
CTMT New Years Card Rendering 01 Web 210x210 Portfolio
Direct Mail
Chalked Icon 210x210 Portfolio
Web & Apps
TriHealth Brochure Rendering Web 275x281 210x210 Portfolio
Untitled 1 210x210 Portfolio
Video Marketing

Fine Arts Portfolio

Post It Doodle11 210x210 Portfolio
Bishop 210x210 Portfolio
In Memory Of Lindsay 06 210x210 Portfolio