My Most Favorite Script Font

Most Favorite Script FontScript fonts can be tough. There are so many different kinds and they usually only serve a single purpose. For example, “Boulevard” may be a great font for a wedding invite header, but it just wouldn’t work for a product brochure. It’s very decorative and can be difficult to read. So I wouldn’t use it too often.
Unless your business is called “Bob’s Big Boy,” it is best to stay away from “Brush Script.” “Marker Felt” is another one to remove from your system. They are the most difficult to read out of all the script fonts. Don’t even get me started on “Comic Sans!” If you are not writing a comic book, just stay away. Even then, put some effort into writing the captions by hand. All of the good comic authors still do it!

I attended a lecture by famous designer, Massimo Vignelli at the University of Cincinnati one year. He spent a good 15 minutes on how “Helvetica” is the perfect font for everything. While I agree that it is very versatile, I disagree about it being the only font you should use in any situation. I mean… what about the typeface you created Massimo? You know… “Our Bodoni!” There is a time and place for almost any font. Especially in a hipster nation populated by “Wood Block” and other decorative, retro fonts!

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. You may disagree with me, but it is my opinion that “House Script” by House Industries is my favorite of the script fonts. I could just be partial to this font because it is the most like my own cursive handwriting, but I love it! It is best of the scripts! We are in a time where cursive is barely being taught in schools and most people have forgotten what at least 2 of the cursive capitals look like. I know how to write a cursive “S” and hardly ever use it! I don’t even use cursive capitals in my own signature! With “House Script,” all of the cursive capitals are gone. It’s a true reflection of modern times.

“House Script,” like all script fonts, should only be used as a header to a paragraph. The paragraph itself should be a nice and super readable sans serif font (Like Helvetica, Massimo!). “House Script” is retro, modern, readable and decorative. It is by far my favorite of the script fonts!

Stay tuned for my most favorite serif font!

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