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Professionally ...

My name is Sean Martin. You probably got that already from the web address. I am the multimedia designer for Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. I love designing for all of the creative and talented people that work at the Playhouse and enhancing the overall experience for the patrons. At the Playhouse I create signage, direct mail pieces, web ads, YouTube videos, t-shirts and even some props. You can see examples of all of these things in my portfolio.

Before working at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, I designed packaging for a well-known car part manufacturer (see physical portfolio), commercial property information for Cassidy Turley and annual fundraising materials for the Anthony Muñoz Foundation. Working for nonprofits like the Playhouse and the Anthony Muñoz Foundation is a very rewarding experience. Plus, giving back to the community always brings out the best in people!

Personally ...

I am very active outside of work with my wife, Peg. I work to live and living is baseball! I love the Cincinnati Reds. My favorite player is Brandon Phillips. He always plays the game with a smile on his face. You gotta like @DatDudeBP! I also enjoy karaoke, bike riding, hiking, painting, softball, home improvement, wiffle ball and tailgaiting. It is amazing the kind of food you can prepare in a parking lot before a game. It is also a lot cheaper!


Here is the latest from my world.

2009 toronto film festival matt damon 35005 260x218 Journal

I Dreamed Matt Damon Was a Friend of Mine

In the lobby, I took some time and calmed down before getting in my car to drive. I sat on a couch and took some deep breaths. All of a sudden, someone else plopped down next to me and said, “Man, they were brutal!” I turned to look at the person’s face and it was the cause of the commotion himself. F-ing Matt Damon! He apologized and gave me a signed copy of his book, Good Will Hunting on DVD and a headshot. I said, “What am I supposed to do with THIS stuff?”Read More »
Screen shot 2014 05 09 at 10.08.52 AM e1414177354821 260x218 Journal

The North Pool

Check out this video trailer I put together for "The North Pool" and then go see the play. It is one of the best ones of the season! Thompson Shelterhouse | May 3 - June 1, 2014 Khadim, a Middle Eastern-born transfer student, has no idea why ...Read More »
2014 VanHalentine Mockup 011 260x218 Journal

2014 VanHalentine Poster!

Please enjoy the poster! Either right-click and copy the image you see (for email) or download the PDF (for print). Share with your friends and have a happy VanHalentines Day!Read More »
033Serifas 260x218 Journal

My Most Favorite Serif Font

I prefer sans serif fonts. That is why it is difficult to have an opinion on serif fonts. Most of them are old-school and dated. Very few of them fall into the category of elegant and well-crafted. A good serif takes a long time to develop. You have to take into consideration the curve, endpoints and overall weight of the serif. You can’t start a curve too soon or it will be too heavy and distracting. The point should be sudden, but not too sharp. It should look good at both 8 pt and 16pt sizes.Read More »
Screen shot 2014 05 09 at 9.38.15 AM e1414177966221 260x218 Journal

Martín Zimmerman Interview

In my new video, playwright Martín Zimmerman discusses our world premiere production of his play Seven Spots on the Sun, a fable of revenge and redemption. He talks about his inspirations for writing the play as well as working with KJ Sanchez to bring his vision to life on stage. Through Oct. 27, 2013. Details: www.cincyplay.comRead More »


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